The roasting process transforms the raw bean, naturally tasteless, into a roasted one.
ESPRESSA ROASTER is the artisan roaster for excellence, having been designed and projected with the same technology and security requirements, used by the industrial coffee roaster.
The high reliability in managing the heat during the roasting process, the low energy consumption (1.500 WATT), the thermal air exchange system, the authomatic cycle with drain and cooling of coffee, the efficient filter hood, the cooling system and the authomatic switching off, give to ESPRESSA ROASTER the typical features of an industrial roaster.

In fact, its compact and linear shape, its small size and ease of maintenance make this roaster unique in its genre with an easy installation for every place.
In addition to these technical features, certainly noteworthy, ESPRESSA ROASTER is characterized by the natural and environmentally friendlyprocess for coffee roasting.
Thanks to the Clean Air system, the air moves through the different parts of the machine and comes out, allowing a constant air refresh.
Coffee is roasted directly by the heat of the air, preserving every single organoleptic feature. The raw coffee beans are heated by the hot air and continually reshuffled in the drum roaster until the temperature reaches 200-230°C.
At the end of roasting the beans are cooled, in a short time, thanks to appropriate fans in order to maintain,inside them, the aromatic substances.

Roasting coffee is an art that requires experience together with constant innovation, research and development. Moreover, during the roasting process and through the progressive transmission of heat to the beans, are going to be generated more than 600 different chemical substances due to the reactions between carbohydrates and proteins that confer taste to coffee.

ESPRESSA ROASTER is CE certified and is available in two versions: WITH filter hood and WITHOUT hood. Following are the technical details confirming the high quality and performance of the roaster and the filter hood.

Capacity 500 gr/cycle
Roasting time 15 mins/cycle
Electrical connection rating 1,5 Kw
Weight with/without Hood 55/43 Kg
Front 450 mm
Depth 460 mm
Height with/without Hood 700/500 mm

ESPRESSA ROASTER is easy to use!

Here lies the real strength of this machine, beacuse everyone can learn to use it properly, even without necessarily being experts in the field. In fact it’s sufficient to choose the right blend, open the bag, pour the contents into the hopper and start the toasting process. After a few minutes a buzzer will indicate the end of the process.

The price of ESPRESSA ROASTER is really affordable for quality/price. The purchase of ESPRESSA ROASTER is an excellent economic and technological investment.

It allows:
– a considerable saving in the raw material;
– the creation of your own brand;
– more sales of coffe (cups and packs);
– a better image of your place.


It captures and filters efficiently the oily substances, smoke and steam roasting. The harmonious design perfectly integrates the hood into the roaster.


Simple and easy to use. It allows to control and regulate the temperature of the roasting chamber using a thermostatic temperature control.


It has 2 power buttons: the first on the left commands the ignition of the roaster machine, while the second one activates the hot air system.


It’s the container where the raw coffee you would like to toast is poured, in the desired amount to a maximum of 500 grams.


It’s the container where the coffee is collected at the end of the roasting process and quickly cooled by a fan.


Spyhole to control the roasting progress and removal of the bean’s films inside the roasting chamber.

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